About - CubicWheels Engineering Services Pvt Ltd, Kancheepuram

About CubicWheels

The company is managed by experienced professionals of offshore Oil and Gas construction. One of our entrepreneurs has global experience from EPCIC contractors in Middle East and Asia Pacific in the field of Offshore Oil and Gas Construction. Other team members are brilliant and having global exposure in structural Engineering, detailing and rest of our business constraint.

Our Policy


CubicWheels Vision Statement conspicuously delineate that what we exactly anticipate, ambition for the forth coming years and solicitude towards our employees.

Vision Statement

  • Act honestly and with integrity
  • Eminence in increasingly challenging projects
  • Focus on both onshore and offshore projects
  • Strive to provide inimitable results to our clients
  • Support the prosperity of our employees
  • The impeccable talent persevere and evolve here


CubicWheels Mission Statement epitomizes the goal of our company and scenario of accomplishment. We are equally committed to the work force that helps to achieve that goal. We strive to create and maintain professional environment that encourages and recognizes team work, individual contribution and integrity of each employee while providing the opportunity for each employee to grow with the organization.


The core values tied up with CubicWheels philosophy are SAFETY, QUALITY, INTEGRITY, TEAMWORK, DYNAMIC and RESPECT.


Safety stands prior to all aspects. We provide safety consciousness among our employees and commit safe and healthy working environment for our employees.


Quality is an ensured commitment for the CWESPL clients. We deliberately deliver projects without any compromise in quality and satisfy clients by upgrading new technologies and meet their expectations reliably.


We perpetuate a high level of ethical standards in our company. We also avow zero tolerance to fraud and corruption and thus amaze our clients with the key of integrity.

Team Work

Cubic Wheels adhere to the fact of achieving wonders in conglomeration. Our dynamic team members endeavor unstinting support within the team to achieve the target.


Our young talents are more dynamic. Their passion towards working is really amazing and they are the live asset to CubicWheels.


We vow ourselves to concoct and conserve an environment that respects rights, dignity, integrity of others, diverse traditions and heritages. Commitment to equitable treatment and elimination of discrimination in all its forms throughout all programs.